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Monday, September 16, 2019

You Were Never Really Here Download torrent

You Were Never Really Here  Download torrent

You Were Never Really Here  Download torrent

January 2, 2019
Description: You Were Never Really Here is Joaquin Phoenix at his most violent. You Were Never Really Here is beyond weird as a film and melds multiple ideas into an incredible study. “Joe” is a hero with a hammer who fights child traffickers. Joe is also a seriously messed up individual with seriously questionable moral ambiguity. I’ve been watching my films on streaming sites like Amazon Prime and Netflix so you might have to go digging for this one online if you don’t have either.

The Good
You Were Never Really HereJoaquin Phoenix is a household name at this point of his career and his talented abilities are on full display here. Joaquin embodies a character named Joe. Joe masquerades as a guy as simple as his name but in reality, Joe is a brutal monster. Joe, thankfully, isn’t random with his proliferation toward violence. No, instead Joe exercises his brutality toward those who have a career in sex trafficking of young girls. Even though Joe is a brutal sadist he’s one that I somehow root for because he’s focusing his violence toward people that are socially despicable.

Ekaterina Samsonov is really amazing in You Was Never Really Here. I’m not familiar with any of her previous work but she was a stunning surprise halfway through the movie. She’s not on screen as often as the marketing would leave you to believe but I noticed her a lot. She almost stole scenes from Phoenix. Let that sink in for a moment. Ekaterina is not alone as Judith Anna Roberts also nearly wrestles scenes away from Phoenix! Judith plays Joe’s mom and watches out for her introduction!


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