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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (2019) Direct Link Torrent 1040px 720px Download

Walk. Ride. Rodeo. (2019) Direct Link Torrent 1040px 720px Download

Tags:  Drama | 8 March 2019 (USA)
Director: Conor Allyn
Writers: Sean Dwyer (screenplay by), Dan Goforth (story by)
Stars: Spencer Locke, Missi Pyle, Bailey Chase
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 8 March 2019 (USA) See more »
Also Known As Riding on Faith: The Amberley Snyder Story

Parents need to know that Walk. Ride. Rodeo. is an inspirational tale based on the true story of teen Amberley Snyder (Spencer Locke), a promising rodeo competitor who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in an auto accident? The movie portrays her recovery, both physical and emotional, as well as her journey back to participation in the sport she loves. Snyder fully took part in making the movie, including doing all of the stunt riding herself. Snyder's fateful auto accident is depicted graphically -- and repeated in flashback -- and includes a rollover, seeing the vehicle airborne, bloody injuries, and severe pain. The scenes of the girl's rehabilitation are also intense as she struggles to make her bodywork again. Language is limited to "hello," and there's some kissing. Lots of encouraging messages are incorporated into the movie about holding fast to goals, acceptance of adversity, and the value of committed parental involvement.

Amberley Snyder (Spencer Locke)'s dreams of a college scholarship and pro rodeo career are brought to a halt when she's involved in a devastating accident. Now unable to use her legs, she refuses to give up on her dreams and instead decides to fight her way back into competitive barrel racing. Based on the incredible true story, Walk. Ride. Rodeo co-stars Bailey Chase, Alyvia Alyn Lind, Max Ehrich, Corbin Bleu, Kathleen Rose Perkins, with Sherri Shepherd and Missi Pyle.
Rating: NR
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Conor Allyn
Written By: Sean Dwyer, Greg Cope White

An inspiration to anyone who has dealt with paralysis
11 March 2019 | by babycakes-45269 – See all my reviews
I had a back injury in 2005, watching this movie was very emotional for me. No matter the odds you have to go on, and find a way as much as it hurts or as frustrated as you get. Having a special bond with animals will help you through. Stories like this need to be told. You never know if one day it will happen to you.


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