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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Bhajjo Veero Ve 1080p,720p Direct File Torrent Download

Bhajjo Veero Ve 1080p,720p Direct File Torrent Download

Tags: Love Story
Director: Amberdeep Singh
Writer: Amberdeep Singh

Discretion   Recent Movie It is a story of four brothers who are unmarried .. who are not aware of their family background.. one brother falls in love with a girl.. but the father-in-law asks boy to find about their family background, then only he will agree for the marriage .. so boy and his brothers finds that their mother got married against her parents wish and her parents still want to kill their daughter with her family ..Then boy and his brothers goes to their uncle's house to impress him and get their family back.
For a group of bachelors in rural Punjab, finding a suitable life partner seems to be an almost impossible task. When one of them meets the girl of his dreams, he is turned down by her relatives, who are not too keen to marry her off to a guy with no family of his own. It is now up to him to find his long-lost kins and more importantly, win everybody's approval to marry his sweetheart.
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