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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2.0 1080p,720p Direct File Torrent Download

2.0 1080p,720p Direct File Torrent Download

Budget: 5.43 billion INR
Producer:  K. Karunamoorthy, Subaskaran Allirajah,
Did you know: "2.0" is the sixth-highest-grossing Indian film worldwide.

Description Akshay Kumar in 2.0 (2018) Dhanush and RJ Balaji at an event for 2.0 (2018) 2.0 (2018) A.R. Rahman and Rajinikanth at an event for 2.0 (2018) Rajinikanth ...

2.0 Story: Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) and his android assistant Nila (Amy Jackson) is called in for help after mobiles start mysteriously flying out of the hands of people in Chennai. Vaseegaran summons his trusted robot Chitti (Rajinikanth) to ward off the bird-shaped supernatural powers of Pakshirajan (Akshay Kumar).

2.0 Review: South films and filmmakers seem to have a handle on out-of-the-box ideas for cinema. Director Shankar has dabbled with such high-concept movies like Robot (2010, Tamil title Enthiran) and I (2015) before, too. While he’s no stranger to depicting far-fetched and creative ideas, the unique story of 2.0 does feel a bit underwhelming, especially in the wake of the spectacle created by the CGI-driven execution. The slick visual presentation though, more than makes up for what the story lacks.
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